Bathroom Environment Product Props

Huge set of PBR mid-to-low-poly environment props (over 100 prefabs) for realistic bathroom or store interiors, using all original, yet familiar-looking brands, different color variants, shapes, sizes, contains modular pieces (parts can be combined and rotated as needed) and merged variants (single enclosed optimised mesh), includes around 5 LoD variants per model, single material per object set. Also contains several UV previews for easier placement of your own labels onto textures.

Each PBR material is composed of 4096×4096 Albedo, Normal, Ambient Occlusion and Gloss/Specular maps, object polycount ranges from several dozen thousands to a few dozens triangles across LoD meshes. The quality of LoD0 variants is sufficient for any closeups, textures are ready for downscaling and atlassing at any desired resolution.

This set contains following objects:

Essential for any interior, store, waste dump or archiviz environments! Note that Unity Asset Store package version does not include the product branding due to Asset Store publishing policy.

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