Laser Engraver

Tabletop laser engraver lowpoly PBR (specular and metalness) model. Comes as merged single mesh and a 4-part assembly (frame; Z-axis rail; X-axis carriage; Y-axis laser head) Assembly variant contains engraving animation, which can be customised to any image (XZ movement and point light enabling).

This package contains two laser engraver meshes in FBX format, PBR (specular and metalness) materials and related high resolution textures (4096 x 4096 pixels) – Albedo – specular, Albedo – metalness, Ambient Oclussion, Smoothness, Specular, Metalness and Normal map.

Ready for any realistic workshop or factory hall environment you're creating!

7 textures (4096 x 4096 pixels) 2 meshes (UV mapped) in FBX format 2 URP PBR (specular) materials 2 URP PBR (metalness) materials 2 additional materials (plexiglass and engraved image) 1 Shader Graph shader 4 prefabs 1 preview scene with camera orbit script and related utility files

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