CoolWorks Studio Game Jams

In the good old pre-covid times CoolWorks Studio used to be organising creative game-dev focused workshops open for all video-game enthusiasts, students and colleagues from the industry.

Want to try game development on your own and you already have the necessary basic prerequisites? Become a part of the next game jam! Together we build a functional game prototype over the span of a single weekend. The entire process, from game design brainstorming, prototype asset creation, prototype assembly, to final playtesting, is being done in a friendly environment with experienced game developers. The event used to run under the Game Pilot Czech project and also in cooperation with our partner – Private university of art and advertising – Orange Factory.

Watch our social media to learn more about similar planned events in the future.

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Check out game products of our Game Jam sessions:

Sky Machines (finished game) Light and Shadow (finished game) Candlestorm (finished game) Parkinson's Monsters (prototype)